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August 25, 2011

Jazz Without Borders    About Jazz Without Borders

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Our Mission

"Without regard to barriers, boundaries, or borders."

Jazz Without Borders exists to promote new music, unique music, and fun music. If you're looking for a great way to supplement (or bored with) the standard liturature, we provide unique music for all types of ensembles and the enjoyment of all listeners.

Who is Jazz Without Borders

Jazz Without Borders was founded by Eddie Carr, a composer, trumpet, and piano player. Eddie discovered the symphonic orchestra and the Duke Ellington Orchestra almost simultaneously at twelve years old. He has composed for all sorts of ensembles, from jazz combos and big bands to the symphony orchestra, including film scoring and theatrical projects.

Eddie has played his horn across the country, in Europe, Russia,  Japan, and South America.

Eddie is also a big fan of drum & bugle corps and marching bands, and has created shows for bands and drum corps  across the U.S. and in Japan.

How To Contribute

Any composer or arranger can be a part of Jazz Without Borders. All you need is the belief that you have something unique to say, and a desire to say it.

We make space for unique ensembles that might fill a need for schools or community groups with something other than standard instrumentation.

We also want to provide a variety of ethnic pieces, such as salsa orchestras, reaggae arrangements, taiko drums, you name it.

In order to be published by JWB, you need to submit a clean score in Sibelius format, performance notes, and the best quality demo recording you have to be used for your online excerpts.

Your royalty will be generous, especially when compared to traditional publishing. Full details when your piece is accepted.

For more information, write to

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