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What Does Contemporary Big Band Sound Like?

Here are some examples of the finest and most challenging pieces being written for the modern jazz ensemble.

Along with a selection of swinging jazz and popular tunes all audiences will like, we will tackle the
exciting challenge of perfecting some of these cutting-edge pieces.

Be part of something special

Jazz is America’s native art form. St. Louis is a place of great importance in the history of jazz.

"A Summer of Jazz" by Jazz Without Borders is going to further that tradition in the Sumer of 2017 by making it new and contemporary! Come play with us as we explore new, cutting edge charts for big band and other types of ensembles.

Together, we will envision a contemporary big band focused on writers like Maria Schneider, Darcy James Argue, Steve Weist, and Gordon Goodwin, with a few originals thrown in for good measure. The music will be a great mix of hard swinging jazz, popular tunes that all audiences will recognize, and cutting-edge pieces that will be an exciting challenge to perfect.

The Plan

Prepare, Perform, Record!

Rehearse one evening a week starting in the third week of June and going for 8 weeks, to the 2nd week of August. You will work with a dedicated, passionate director, and knowledgable and experienced guest conductors and clinicians.

We will put on a concert in mid-August, before most schools start again. The concert will feature a guest artist. I’ve tentatively reached out recently to people who are accomplished and well-known on the national jazz scene as potential guests. We'll know who will join us around the time of our first rehearsals.

We will professionally record the concert live so everyone has a nice digital album of themselves.

Who Can Participate/Instrumentation needed.

Membership is open to high school and middle school students currently in 7th through 12 grades and actively enrolled in school, public, private, or home-schooled. Just-graduated seniors are also welcome! Musicians will be coming from schools all over the St. Louis area and from those taking private lessons in many of the local music stores.

 Students should come highly focused and highly motivated, but eager to have a lot of fun in both the regular rehearsals and performances. As with all types of groups, it is hat the members make of it, and we hope you will bring your unique personality and spirit to the proceedings.

The plan is to field a full big band ensemble (4-5 trumpets, 4-5 trombones, 5 saxes, and rhythm section of guitar, piano, bass, and drums. If possible, it would be a great addition to have male a female vocalists as well.

If more people sign up than are needed for one ensemble, we will consider the option of fomring a second group!


The cost for the full summer is $299. This is similar to the cost of a one-week of jazz camp or in-store series of lessons. But insteead, you'll be getting 8 weeks of preparation with knowledgable teachers and clinicians, a concert with a guest artist, and a professional recording of the performance.

No money will be collected, though, until our first rehearsal. Naturally, it is critically important that we’re sure we have everyone we need and it’s definitely a "Go." Once you sign up and commit to the eight weeks of Summer Jazz, then you pay the tuition fee.

How to Sign Up

Signups will be help during the 1st two weeks of June. They close on Sunday, June 18. You must be signed up by June 18th. Just use the link below.

Remember: You do not need to pay now. Your tuition fee will not be collected until we are absolutely sure we have enough of the right players signed up to make a real go of it. When that happens, we can make payments our first face to face meeting. At that time, you may choose whether to pay with check, credti/debit card, or through PayPal.

Please accept this invitation to come be part of the start of something really special. I'm really excited about the prospect of working on some fun and special charts, and would be very excited to help in any way I can to create a unique and special music experience for the kids involved, help them keep their chops up and ready to hit the ground running next school year.

- Eddie Carr

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Meet Eddie Carr


Utrechtse Studenten Bigband

Snarky Puppy’s “Shofukan”


Competition in Hoofddorp

Steve Weist

New Cydonia

The Last Theme Song

Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society


Brooklyn Babylon

Arturo Sandival/One O’Clock Lab Band

Funky Cha-Cha

Maria Schneider

Green Piece

Journey Home

Crescent Super Band

Tall and Lanky w/Jeff Coffin

St. Louis Blues 

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